Many local residents have been interested in the Turf Buy-Back program offered by the local water agencies.  This program offers some cash back to residential and commercial landscape projects that include the removal of grass in an effort to conserve water.  Due to an overwhelming response to this offer, the program evolves and changes quite often.  This page contains the most current information available to us and will be updated as soon as we are notified of any changes.

As of July 21, 2015 :





Dear Customers,


As you know we are gearing up to re-start our turf buy back program.  Below is a summary of the changes to the program.  We are currently revising the application and will make it available to you as soon as we can.


1.        Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs), which were previously in the commercial category, are not their own category.  So now the categories are:

a.       Residential (single family homes)

b.      HOAs

c.       Commercial

d.      Public Property (this include schools, municipalities, etc)

2.       Deadlines have changed by category (NOTE: This change was made because we found that residents who did, in fact, move forward after receiving approval generally did so within a matter of weeks, while commercial properties and HOAs had to expend a great deal of time on permitting.  The change should allow residential money to free up more quickly from those who will not complete their projects and also allow those who need permits ample time to get them.)

a.       Residential: 90 days with the opportunity for ONE extension if significant progress can be demonstrated

b.      All other categories: 180 days, with opportunities for extensions

3.       There will now be an application cut off.  We will only be accepting applications for thirty days.  At that point the application will be taken offline and no longer accepted.  We are certain we will have more than enough applications to use up all of our funding in that time period.  We will time stamp the applications and process them in the order that they are received.

4.       To schedule a post conversion, you will now need to submit a form.  In the past we just asked people to contact us, however we found quickly that people missed minor requirements that they had forgotten about.  This resulted in multiple inspections and delays in issuing rebates.  Now, customers will have to submit a check list acknowledging the requirements before the appointment is scheduled.

5.       Customer who use a landscaper to complete their project, must use one with a valid business license.  If you chose to do the labor yourself, you are still able, however if you hire and pay a contract and submit those receipts as your funding match, the contractor must be licensed.

6.       You can now submit copies of your receipts instead of originals.

7.       Letters from DWA will now have more detailed information about your project (this is specific to residential)


We are still working away on preparing for the program launch.  At this time, it looks like the application date could be September 1.  We will keep you updated as frequently as new information becomes available. Again, I know you are eager to start but we sincerely appreciate your patience as we fine tune this year’s program.


Reminder: please do not remove your turf until you are approved for the program.


Thank you,



Katie Ruark

Public Information Officer

Desert Water Agency

(760) 323-4971 ext. 184







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