If you are planning to convert your water guzzling landscape over to a more efficient desert landscape, please read below for some pertinent information......



As our need to conserve water has become more and more relevant, grass lawns are becoming obsolete.  Many residences, condo developments and businesses are making much needed changes to their landscapes in an effort to save resources.  But what we see happening out in the field is alarming.  Turf is being removed but trees are no longer getting enough water to survive.  Trees that relied on grass sprinklers have shallow roots in order to absorb the surface water broadcast by spray irrigation.  When this source is removed and new plants are converted to a drip system, the trees roots can lose access to the water they need and so they die as a result.  The evidence is common all around Palm Springs.

Whatever company is used for turf removal/conversion, our advice is to discuss how existing trees will continue to receive enough water to survive.

Many of our local ornamental trees are drought "tolerant" but they cannot survive on a drip irrigation system.


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